A Note of sort of people suitable for positions in Cowes Customs service, 1811

This is a transcript of a copy letter I hold, the original is held at the Isle of Wight Records Office. I do not know the background, but the implication must be that there had been some previous conflict over appointments.

Custom Cowes 27 July 1811

My dear Sir     

                        Written is a Succinct List of the Several Offices of Customs at this Port, with my opinion as to the Description of Persons, that ought to fill the same.

            The List may serve as a Guidance to Sir Leonard, in nominating proper people to the Vacancies, as they may occur without regarding a Certificate of rejection, on the score of Incompetency on the part of the Board of Customs, I take the liberty of recommending, that it should be added to the other comment and placed in this Port Folio.

I remain always,

My dear Sir,    

                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                J Ward

John Delgarno Esq

Customs Cowes



Should be filled by Good men of Education and respectability.

Landing Surveyor


By people of respectability and well versed in figures and accounts

Landing Waiters

By people of ability in accounts and of Creditable Connection


By a person conversant in Nautical Matters

Riding Surveyor, Riding Officers and Coastwaiters

By people who have proved themselves trust worthy Servants, and who are able to read and write fairly

Coal Meters

By persons of same decription


By Seafaring Persons

Commanders & Mates of Cutters Sitters of Boats and Boatmen

By regular bred Seafaring People

Custom House 27 July 1811

J Ward, Coll

Cowes Customs

26 August 2005