Isle of Wight Customs and Excise Staff 1790

Port of Cowes

Collector - Wm. Arnold, esq

Dep. Comptr. - John Ward, esq

Dep. Customen - Charles Roe, esq

Clerks -  John Pain

  Thomas Thorald

Landing Surv. - I Chapman, esq

Dep Searcher & )  W. Holloway

Landing-Waiter  )

Landing-Waiter - John Tayler

                              One vacant

Coast Waiters - J. Chiverton

                            F. Terrell, Newp.

Tide Surveyor - Thomas Francis

12 established Tide Waiters

  4 Boatmen

20 Preferable and extra ditto

Collector of the Coal Duties - Wm. Arnold, esq.

Comptr of ditto - John Ward, esq.

Coalmeters - Tobias Derrick

              John Powis, Steph. Saunders

Riding Surv. - J Grimes, Sutton

Riding Officers - E. Dixon, Niton

                             W. Robey, Ryde

                             J. Miller, Shalfleet

Coast Waiter - R. Wilkins, Yarm.

                 SWAN CUTTER

Commander - Frances Sarmon.

Chief Mate - Richard Comben

     21 Mariners

     6-Oar'd BOAT at St. Hellen's

Sitter, Cha. Ritchie -& 6 Boatmen


Isle of Wight Collection (Excise)

It should be noted at this time Customs and Excise were separate Departments

Collector - George Godwin, esq.

Supervisor - Christopher Tabor

Officers -  Thomas Impett

                 John Vine

                 Stephen Phillips

                 John Mead

                 John Dawe, Cowes

                 Robert Berry, Brading

                 John Mills, Whitwell

                 Wm. Adams, Yarmouth

Tide Surveyors ) James Sarmon

    at Cowes      ) T. Smith


Commander - Two Tide Surv.

Chief Mate - T. Bowes

    15 Mariners

The Isle of Wight Excise Collection also

covered Southampton (not listed).

Also employed on tax collection duties on the Isle of Wight were:

Receiver General of Land Tax - Thomas Dickins

Receiver General of Window Tax - Edward Stockton

Surveyor of Window Tax - Wm. Grimes

Collector of Salt Dues - J. Shackleford and 6 Officers

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6 September 2005